ok, got netdrive and iFolder 2.13 setup on NW6.0spk5, and everything works.

however, testing from home, I find that the file transfer rate w/ netdrive
is very slow. like, "dial-up" slow, even though I have high-speed cable
internet access. (4mbps download/ 400k upload.).

when using WS_FTP to transfer files to my corporate network, I get pretty
close to the capacity of the line for transfer rates...in the vicinity of
400k upload, and 1.5mbps download (my office has a t-1, so 1.5 is as fast as
it'll ever go).

transferring the same files via NetDrive, I can only get about 40-50 k
upload speed, and about 200k download. This is w/ Netdrive connected via
FTP. at first, I thought it was a netstorage issue, as I noted the slow
speed when connected via WebDav to my internal netstorage server. but
switching to the FTP server (which runs on my bordermanager firewall), there
is no change in transfer rates. So I'm thinking this is client-specific.
is it the netdrive (4.12) client, or just a shortcoming in the webdav
interface in windoze? any tweaks? there is very little on the novell
support site RE: netdrive.

(and again, is this even the right place to be discussing netdrive?)