Hi All..

I see a bunch of (-105) postings in the board, but my issue is a bit
different. I see this Only in the Linux world. I see it with NLD9 and SuSE
9.2. When I am at the office, I set up my DNS of my ifolder server to
point direct to my Netware 6.5 Oes box. When I do this, It works fine. so
My Linux Boxes can only sync when in the office..

When My DNS goes through iChain it fails with a (-105) error. I think it
is because iChain SSLizes the connection. The Windows clients are prompted
with a SSL Cert and they click "yes" and all is good. I am never prompted
with a SSL key in linux, it just fails.. So All my windows clients work
100% its just my Linux Boxes behind iChian where I see the problem..

Any Ideas?