First I apologize if this has been posted and answered previously. I
have been searching throught this and other groups and have had no luck
trying to find my answer.
Is there a way to have the server side of Ifolder use the user's home
directory? What is the "Ifolder" link in the NSAdmin tool that I see
referenced in some discussions?
I do not have either Ifolder or Netstorage running yet. I have a small
group of users that would like to work on documents at home. They are
not necessarilly shared documents. It seems that Ifolder meets the need
except the users would have to remember copy the docs back and forth
between the ifolder on their work desktops and their home directories.
And it seems with Netstorage, they could get a mapping on their home pc
to their work home directory, but have to remember to copy files back up
to server (if they have a mapping, I don't quite understand why that is
Sorry for the long append, but I hope someone can shed some light on this
for me.

TIA, Rich Macaluso