I am running eDir and iFolder on a win2K Server. Internal to the office
it is setup and working fine. Prior to setting up DNS on the Win2K
server to run internally, I was able to connect to ifolder from the

I don't control the router/firewall. Our ISP does that. I have had them
open up port 80 and 443. That is how I was able to connect before I
started my own DNS on the inside. We are NATing the IP addresses and the
ISP is using the router to generate DHCP. I have made my DNS domain a
subdomain to the routable domain on the internet. This is not registered
out there however.

I can get to the iFolder web page and download the client from the
Internet so I know that port 80 is still open and working.

Is there some setting in the iFolder server management that is using a
DNS name that is not getting passed to the client when I download it and
install it? I am getting a -105 can't connect to the server error when I
try to login from home across the Internet.