I saw this TID and was wondering if anyone else can verify this as a
solution. I have never come across the situation with a user
synchronizing an infected file through iFolder.


Recover Deleted iFolder Files

Michael Alexander
20 Apr 2004

Posted on 20 Apr 2004

I needed to recover deleted files from a user's iFolder folder on the PC.
(User was infected with MyDoom.f virus and had files deleted from iFolder
folder on PC.) Here's how I did it.

Turn off iFolder on PC.
Search iFolder folder on server for user's folder (CONTROL.DAT, while
binary does show the user ID)
Use Salvage (Windows Explorer, salv98 [cooltools] or other) and salvage
the files from within the subfolders using the date/time deleted.
(Deletor will be system, not the user.)
Salvage the 1.MAP from the same time frame. (Not sure if this step is
required, or what would happen if files were added to local PC after the
Restart iFolder client on PC. Salvaged files should sync back to the PC.
Note: Only tried a single time for a single user in a live environment
running iFolder 1.01 If you have not been purging files from the server,
could be helpful to purge older files than the date required to make the
search faster. Much easier and faster than the restore from backup