We recently upgraded our iFolder to V2.1.3. After the upgrade the admin
cannot login to the iFolder Admin page. We were able to get the admin to
login properly by editing our existing httpd_ifolder_nw.conf entry shown

Our original entry: LdapLoginDnContext "O=ORG;ou=STAFF,o=ORG;ou=LAB,o=ORG"
(note: sample container names only).
Our new entry: LdapLoginDnContext "O=ORG"

With this new entry, only the admin can login. Our users in sub-containers
are not searched. If we put the original entry back, even the admin can't
login to the admin page. Seems that there is a big difference between V1
and V2.1.3 when it comes to the setting for allowing sub-container users.

Can someone please direct us to this setting that we seem to be missing?


iFolder 2.1.3
Apache 1.3.27
Netware 6 SP3
eDirectory 8.6.2