Hello, please help me.

We run Windows XP with Service Pack 2 on our clients. We are run a
Netware 4.83 with GroupWise 6.0. We have iFolder client 1.03 on the
client as well.

Recently, after around April 6, 2005, our clients attached to the network
will cease with the MS blue screen and text log, after which it will
reboot after sending the error report to Microsoft. Attached is the error
screen message on the client after it recovers.

Is there an incompatibility issue between Novel Client, iFolder 1.03,
Netware server, and Windows XP SP2?

Is there a Novell published compatibility matrix between version of
software, OS, and Windows XP SP2 client?

This has been a very serious problem for us and our users constantly
reboots causing loss work and productivity.

What is the recommend course of action?