I have a NW6.5 SP2 server that was upgraded from NW6.0 SP5. I later
installed iFolder 2.1 on it. The LDAP server is the same server. I
added a secondary ipaddress, and I have a one to one NAT to a public IP
address. I have a DNS entry for both the private and public addresses
(different names of course).
I can login administratively, and users (test only) can login in with the
client or browser, on the private network.
From the Internet, I can browse to the iFolder page and download the
client. But I can not login with the client. I get -501 error.
I have not tried to login as a user or admin with the browser.
I have checked many discussion threads and the knowledge base and the
configuration files seem to be ok. The ifolderserverdnsorip and
ifolderuserserverdnsorip both point to the secondary ipaddress (private).
Should these point to the public address?
Also in NORM, IP Address Management, I do not see iFolder in the
application column. I'm wondering if this is an idication of something
not configured properly.
I am at a dead end. Any ideas ??
TIA, Rich