I'm getting redirection failed errors inside the iFolder Management
Console. The Server is iFolder 2.1.2 on NetWare 6.5 SP3.

For example, iFolder Management Console --> User Management --> Search
--> Select User

Here's what the log output shows:

>11:39:58 GET

4mrl&iFolderPerson&iFolder_ldap01 HTTP/1.1>

>11:39:58 11:39:58 Attribute is nspmPasswordPolicyDN

>11:39:58 11:39:58 Attribute is iFolderServerName

>11:39:58 11:39:58 Attribute is iFolderServerSecureDNSorIP

>11:39:58 11:39:58 Attribute is iFolderServerDNSorIP

>11:39:59 GET


>11:39:59 GET

4mrl&log=0f0b1d101c4f175b1663737b08001d22&iFolderP erson&iFolder_ldap01&R

>11:39:59 11:39:59 Attribute is iFolderServerSecureDNSorIP

>11:39:59 11:39:59 Attribute is iFolderServerDNSorIP


Now this iFolder server is going through an iChain 2.2 box. The iChain
accelerator has Authentication and Secure Exchange set to Off. The
iFolder documentation says the IMC won't work in this configuration. So
does that explain the above? I also see that the iFolder docs
(Interoperability issues --> iChain 2.1 and 2.2) do not have a scenario
where both the IMC and the iFolder client work. Is this still the case?