Hi. I have installed NOES for Linux, and have ifolder set up and syncing
without trouble from both the LAN and the internet, using the public DNS
set up to forward port 80/443 to the ifolder server IP address.

Ifolder is set up on the secondary IP address. I can access the
ifolder/netstorage login page from the internet, am able to download
linux/windows client, but clicking the login redirects to a URL with the
private IP address for the main server. Obviously, I cannot access the login.

It all, of course, works fine, from within my LAN.

I have a dynamic public IP address, resolved using a dynamic DNS service.

Internally, I have a DNS server set up with forward/reverse lookup for my
primary and secondary private IP addresses, with associated domain names,
and these resolve correctly in both directions (checking with nslookup).

How can I set it up to access NetStorage from the internet, as well as
having iFolder function correctly, all using a single public IP address -
that is have the login not point to the private IP address?

It would seem that this might have worked using SLES8 and Novell Nterprise
Linux Services, which would have set it all up using a single IP address.