Ok, I had a hell of a time getting the 2.1.2 iFolder client working in
a multi-user mode, with locked down computers. I prayed to the
computer gods nights on end that iFolder 3.0 would come with a MSI
delivery for corporate distribution. But no. It is now an executable,
that can be ran with a /s switch, and wants to download dotnetfx during
the install from the internet. This type of installation works GREAT
for home users but not for us who want a standard distribution. Sure,
I can snapshot it or run it through an MSI creation tool, but that's
a hassle to do with every release you guys seem to put out. It just
plain doesn't make sense to me. Isn't Novell the one who will be
forcing us to go to MSI only in Zenworks 7? If so, why release more of
this ****? I will continue praying, and hope this reaches some ears.
I had meetings with Novell reps during the 2.1.2 days, and they said
they would pass the word on, but it looks like it didn't make it high

Some input would be great. If I am wrong in my findings, please let me