iFolder-Users are not able to use iFolder Webaccess. As soon as
opening the iFolder-folder they get the enter-passphrase-screen, but
submitting of the passphrase does not work. I viewed all TIDs I could
find to this topic, but none of them helped. It seems to be a
right-problem, because the "xTier-iFolderPassphrase"-attribute is not
created in the user object, nor is the class xTier added to the
"object class" - attribute.
I found that the xtier proxy user is used to do this stuff, but I'm
not quit sure which of my users is this user (have simply forgotten
it). I have a user "proxy", where I commented "for anonymous ldap
authentication", and I think this is the user. So what rights must I
provide for this user to solve this problem (if this is the problem)?

The only user iFolder works for is me, but I have installed iFolder,
when there was still no SP applied.

However, iFolder works with its native client. I wonder where the
client gets the passphrase from?

Any help appreciated,