We are running ifolder3.0. We have copied files directly to the ifolder
directories on the Linux server
under /var/opt/novell/ifolder3/simias/SimiasFiles/. However, the new
files do not show up in the ifolders, only the files that were created
using iFolder3.0. I noticed the files that were copied directly had
different user and group ownerships as well as different file
permissions, compared to the files created with iFolder. Therefore, I
changed the ownership and permissions of the directly copied files to
match the files created with iFolder. However, the directly copied files
(to the Linux server) still do not show up with the iFolder application.

Is there a way to have these directly copied files show up? They are in
the correct file location, however there is something that is preventing
iFolder from viewing or accessing these files. Otherwise, iFolder is
working correctly.

Joe Barrett
Maclay School
Tallahassee, FL