Hi all out there!

I've followed a number of threads related with shared PCs, multiple Windows accounts in the same PC, but I have not been able yet to find a solution about how manage the following situation (iFolder 2.1 on a NW65sp3 server):
A computer shared by several users
Each of them has her/his own Windows/Novell Netware account
They use the same iFolder user to synchronize common folders
I understand that iFolder is primarily intended to the synchronization of personal folders, but it is really useful to synchronize "task related folders" where several users are involved. Of course I am aware that using iFolder this way we lost, among other things, the possibility of knowing who and when change/delete a file, but for some tasks to have a Novell Netware user assigned to a directory and to use this user to propagate and keep updated the contents of this directory is rather useful for us.

As far as I see, the Windows registry holds a per user key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell iFolder. Each user has a \[username]\Home branch where at least one attribute, UserName, is related with the iFolder login process once an user log into the desktop. By editing this attribute we can change the Windows user related with each iFolder login. There is there another attribute, Ver2Login, with default value 1. I am not able to find any documentation about this attributes and I am guessing if any other value could prevent Windows to check what user is logged into the workstation and to allow any user to login into iFolder with the concerned iFolder one. Is that possible?

I do prefer to post this doubt here before going ahead with any further trial on our production environment.

Thank you so much for your help,