I have begun the process of testing iFolder 3.0 in a lab-type (two servers
in the same tree, two PCs so far) environment and have run into a couple of

1) On one PC, I cannot connect to the iFolder server when trying to set up
a new account. I consistantly receive 503 - Service Unavailable messages.
Apache is running and I can connect to my iFolder account via WebAccess,
upload and download files, so I would have to assume that the services are
actually running for me to be able to get that far. Nothing is noted in the
Simias logs or the Apache logs.

2) On the other PC, I can't get past the 407 - Proxy authentication errors.
This PC was configured at one time to use our proxy server (of the MS
variety) but is no longer. I have removed all mention of our proxy server
from the registry and re-installed the iFolder client. Nevertheless, the
407 errors remain. In the 2.x client there was the ability to specify the
address of a proxy server, but I do not see that functionality in the 3.0
client. Is there any way to get the iFolder client to forget about trying
to go through the proxy?

All in all, I'm thinking waiting for the 3.1 release is going to be my best
bet, but at this point I'm just wanting to play with the new functionality
so that I can begin to decide how best to implement it when it's more fully