Have set up a new nw6.5 server and am playing with iFolder, really like
it except that i cannot get files to sync.
If i have a user called mike and under their user envoirn have their
home directory set to apps:/home/mike - i then set them up in ifolder,
install ifolder on the client, can log onto ifolder, but if a create a
file locally nothing apperars in apps:/home/mike [even after a sync] .If
i log out of iFolder, use win explorer to go to apps:/home/mike and
create a text file then log back into Ifolder i cannot see the text file
in the ifolder folder on desktop. I'am prob taking things up wrong
here but shouldn't ifolder sync to the users home directory on the
server so that remotely they can access their files, and this folder is
the one listed in the properties of the user object under home
directory. If not what directory does ifolder look at to sync to for a

Thanks for any help