We have netstorage installed and running on a 4 node cluster, NW6.5 NWCS
1.7 running file and print, ZWfD4.01, GW6.5, DHCP and DNS. It is normally
accessed through Extend. It has worked OK but is now generating a login
challenge when you follow the Nestorage link in Extend. To try and fault
find we have tested direct access to netstorage and get a challenge - but
the problem is that it will only accept a full context login name. Just
using the user ID fails and after three attempts you get an error box
saying Authentication required error 401. The contexts are setup to be
searched for netstorage and the contexts have valid users that should be
able to connect. They are the same user accounts that access Extend and
that is done with just the user name not the full context login. The
problem occurs irrespective of which cluster node the netstorage service is
running on.

Any ideas please?