We're having a qwirky problem where if you have some Chinese languages
installed into Internet Explorer, the menu items "File - Edit - View -
Help" and all the options underneath them, will appear in Chinese instead
of English.

If i have just basic English listed within Internet Explorer language
options (Tools - Internet Options - Languages) then it's fine, also if i
had other languages such as Thai, Korean or Taiwan...it still works fine.

But if i add a Chinese language such as any of the following:-

Chinese (China) [zh-cn]
Chinese (Taiwan) [zh-tw]
Chinese [zh]

Then the menu items will start appearing Chinese, which is not what we
want to happen. I've tried playing about with the order, and the top
most language we have, and always have is English (Australia) [en-au].

Anyone seen this before, or got any ideas?