I am need of some advice.

I've spent the last two days trying to get iFolder installed and working
properly, and the operative word is properly. I started with a NW 6.5. sp3
server with NetStorage already installed and it was working just fine. I
was able to access the iFolder Global settings only once and from then on
when I try I get: Unable to check or extend the schema! and on the Apache
screen I see:
>13:46:33 13:46:33 ldap *MASTER[abc.scc-fl.edu] schema add of objectClass

'iFolderSettings = Type or value exists(20)

Also now when I access NetStorage I don't get the iFolder folder on the
folder view but right now that's secondary.

I am at a total loss and very nearly ready to just wipe the server and start
from absolute scratch.