I moved our iFolder server this summer to a different machine for more space. At the same time, I put it on a secondary IP because the web server and Groupwise are on the primary IP. iFolder works fine from outside our domain/network. But I can't seem to get the correct combination to allow users to connect from within the local network.

As an example of our current setup, iFolder is on an secondary IP of 123.456.789.162 while the primary IP is 123.456.789.163. The private IP address of the server is Although I guess I didn't have to, I put iFolder on port 52080 since it was on that port on the old server.

I set up DNS so that ifolder.<our domain>.com resolves to 123.456.789.162. Do I need to set up a private DNS record to resolve to So a user simply has to put ifolder.<our domain>.com:52080 is all they have to put in the client whether on the private or public side? Would the private IP really need to be port 52080 also? Or should I take it off port 52080? And would that be done only in httpd_ifolder_nw.conf? Don't want to mess up what I already have.

As I say, connection from the outside if fine, it is just from the inside that I can't seem to get it to work the same on each machine. Each building is connected via BorderManager 3.8 VPN and each PC can access but can't ping/access 123.456.789.162 although they can 123.456.789.163 (Primary IP).

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!