I am have issues install on SLES 9 sp2. Its the same server that is running
edir which I hope is not a issue. When I run the installer I get this.

zen:/opt/novell/ifolder/bin # ./ifolder_config.sh
Enter LDAP Host : zen.arkona.com
Enter LDAP SSL Port : 636
Enter LDAP Users Context (Eg: o=novell) : arkona
Enter LDAP Admin DN (Eg: cn=admin,o=novell) : admin.services.arkona
Enter Admin Password :
Enter Admin Users (Eg: admin) : admin
Enter IP Address for iFolder 2.x server :
Enter netmask for iFolder 2.x server :
Enter DNS Name for iFolder 2.x server : ifolder.arkona.com

LDAP admin credentials are incorrect. Unable to perform LDAP bind, err: 0x22

I have tried over and over to get this to work but cant get past this error
no matter how I enter the context and such