I am not sure if this is the correct support group. I am using the
iFolder and SimpleServer, downloaded from the CVS. It is the open
source package not purchased from Novell.
I have compiled the server on my Suse 10 beta 4 server, and all is
well. Here is the output from the terminal:

Listening on port: 8086
Listening on address:
Root directory: /opt/simias/bin
Hit Return to stop the server.
Pinging: http://localhost:8086/simias10/Simias.asmx
Simias Application Path: /opt/simias/web/bin
Simias Process Starting
Simias Process Running

I am able to connect to the server, but only after entering
I am not able to log on using, is that normal?

I then downloaded the Mac OS X client from http://www.ifolder.com, and
ran it. I am not able to log on to the server using the same user
name/password as the web interface, and the only user name, in
/opt/simias/etc/SimpleServer.xml file.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?