So iFolder 3 stores files natively where iFolder 2 stores them in encrypted
hash folders. Would I assume iFolder 2 and iFolder 3 are meant to run
together? iFolder2 isnt going away right?

So I am thinking iFolder 2 is for personal shares (secure with passcode) and
iFolder 3 for general shares? I was going to migrate all my users over to
iFolder 3 when I looked on the server I found all my ifolder 3 users get
their files copied 1 to 1, so now its an exact non-encrypted version.

Yes, I can lock down the directory, but the fact that my data is there
natively kinda worries me. All it takes is an admin level user poking around
to find my techs reviews and so on. Know what I mean? At least with iFolder2
they had to recover the passcode and install the client and login as them,
now all it takes is to browse a folder.

Any Ideas?