I updated all 6.5 server to SP4 last week. Then today Yesterday I
installed a new server into the tree using the SP4 overlay. I open
iFolder and try to login. It opens NetStorage but iFolder is not
present. Couldn't find a TID to fix it. I also found that on my original
NetStorge server, the iFolder has gone missing. I like the old iFolder
Web access but it no longer exist:-(

K, so I found a TID on removing iFolder from NetStorage (Thougth I might
find a solution going backward)


I open the NSAdmin and can't find anything about iFolder Attribute.
Seems it's gone missing?

In NSAdmin Help they mention something about iFolder:

General Provider Settings
The General Provider Settings page allows you to view the location of
the Home Directory, Mapped Drives, iFolder and XFile stores. The value
provides a more intuitive description than what is displayed in the
Location column. The Value field should not be changed.

Problem is that General Provider Settings is now missing as well?

Help Please!!!!


John Jakus