ok, if the administrator clicks the ifolder manager button to delete the users files, but the user is logged into the ifolder client, should this just delete the files on the server or is it actually supposed to delete the users files locally too? I would have thought this was just to "reset" the server side to zero allowing the client to resync local copy to server. Don't see this in the docs anywhere other than deleting allows the remote client to login again creating a new passphrase and re-syncing. Problem is we did this on one user account and the user was still logged in. Guess what, users file we blown away on the client side as well. vs 2.1.6

Second issue which might be more of an enhancement request so let me know what you think. Client decided to change the location of his ifolder directory. The directory was MyDocs\somefoldername\data . He decided to Make MyDocs\ his ifolder directory think it would just include all the folder structure and data from MyDocs down and sync it as is to the server. However it first copied the "data" folder on the server to MyDocs\ then uploaded everything again. So data ended up in two places. Suppose one could just delete one of the data directories after the fact but it seems like waisted traffic.

suggestions tips or tricks most welcome.


Martin Stepanek, CNE
Barrie, Ontario Canada