We are having problems reinstalling Netstorage after a migration from
6sp3 to a new DL360 OES 6.5sp3. After selecting Apache2, iManager 2.5
and Netstorage the install process hangs at 100% while writing
C:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS\NLS\8\NWTAPE.*. After waiting for over 6hrs for the
install to complete I force the install process to end.

Most drivers are not wrote the the drivers folder and the nwtape file is
over 800MB. With a 1GB DOS partition that doesn't leave much room for
the rest of the drivers.

I have deleted the nwtape file and restored the drivers. And the server
will boot and run fine.

Applying SP4 has not helped.

This server is also running Novonyx Enterprise server and NetMail 3.1.
Which was running fine with Netstorage on the old server.

Does anyone have any suggestions why the Netstorage reinstall hangs on
the nwtape file?