We have set up NetStorage on a SBS6.5 server. Outside access is through a BM3.8 server using NAT. Using IE, or Firefox I can connect with no problems and see all mapped drives and files. Upload and Download work properly. However a number of problems occur with a number of the menu choices:

Any attempt using Download and Lock fails. When this option is chosen, a blank window opens and a progress bar scrolls slowly across the bottom. Nothing else happens, I'm left with this open window and no messages.
This is consistent across multiple PCs.

The option for deletion or moving of a file works on some PCS but not others and is independent of browser used.
An empty window appears, but nothing happens and eventually an error message appears in the frame where the folders available are listed that simply says "ERROR:"
This would seem to be an issue with either JAVA or browser configuration on the individual PCS, but we can't find it.