I have a few questions about iFolder and I'd like to have some answers.

1. I have a test lab with iFolder on W2K3 with eDirectory 8.7.3. If a
client delete his files in his iFolder directory by mistake, then, his
"backup" directory on the iFolder server will be sync. Is it possible to
recover those files from a backup off the iFolder server ? How ?

2. I'd like to make a second test with iFolder on a Suse SLES 9 BUT without
OES (too expensive). If I'm right, I think that I just need to have a web
server (Apache), a LDAP (openldap) to connect to an existent eDirectory and
iFolder version 2.x on the Suse. Is that right ?

Sorry for those questions which could seem "stupid" or "basic".