Here is the situation. I have an iFolder 2.1.3 server on old hardware
that is about to be retired. I need to know how to migrate from this old
hardware to the new hardware without disrupting the users. My first
thought was to use migwiz, but that will involve installing a
premigration server, then reinstalling iFolder (and other stuff) after
the fact. Iím not at all confident I know how to accomplish this without
disruption and/or data loss. My second thought was to install the new
hardware as a new iFolder server with a new name, move the users to the
new server, then try to rename the server after retiring the old one.
Iíve not been happy with the results of renaming servers in the past.
Can anyone tell me the best way to go about this and/or point me to
documentation that will give me detailed help? Thanks.