We run iFolder, NetStorage and Virtual Office on an OES-Linux server.
last week I applied all of the Red Carpet patches, and immediately had

The first problem: the patches overwrote our customized "Welcome to
iFolder" pages. While this was an annoyance that was easily fixed, it
should have never happened - Novell needs to make sure that patches do
not step on pages that are supposed to be customized by the user. The
patches also killed Virtual Office; I had to re-install via YAST2
(fortunately the teams and other settings were saved in eDirectory)

A bigger problem: when logging into NetStorage, we no longer get a
mapping to the user's iFolder. Other NetStorage mappings are OK. The
iFolder Windows client is working OK, and the server will offer an
upgrade from V 2.5 to 2.6 that installs OK.

I have a big demo of the system scheduled for the Director and other
Managers on Oct 19 - any timely assistance would be greatly appreciated.