Hi Everyone.
I have the same problem as many others here. 3 items not syncing.
I have done a full investigation and the only thing i can find is this in my
local simias.log
2005-10-20 12:20:41,813 [3888] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient -
ifolder-test-system : Starting Sync.
2005-10-20 12:20:41,873 [3888] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - Server for
ifolder-test-system is unavailable
2005-10-20 12:20:41,873 [3888] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - pean-home-test
: Starting Sync.
2005-10-20 12:20:41,933 [3888] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - Server for
pean-home-test is unavailable

This server is attached thru one switch, where my two test workstations are
So there is no firewall.
I have a minimal install according the ifolder manual to support ifolder on
OES and also installed Gnome.
What could cause this problem i can ping the server, telnet to ldap ports
everyting works, i have no firewall on my pc machines.

Peter AndersÚn

Peter AndersÚn
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