Been using ZPM to patch up our workstations, and so far so good there. But one of the windows patches has somehow broken iFolder - Trayapp.exe fails with an error about how "ordinal not found 6860 in MFC42.DLL" or some such. Only way I have been able to get it working again is by uninstalling the Novell Client. Ouch. So far have tried 4.90 SP2 and 4.91 SP1 (english).I got it working once by replacing a DLL, but it was broken again after the next reboot. :(

I have replaced and checked versioning in winnt\system32 for the following DLL's which I believe are involved.


Anyone seen this before?

Thx - Joe

iFolder 2.1
desktops are Win2k SP4 + rollups and subsequent patches