Our companies intranet is running on MS Sharepoint (IIS). We are looking at
integrating NetStorage (NetWare 6.5 SP4 Apache) into the portal. When the
page loads and the NetStorage link is loaded it asks for your user name and
password. Is there any way of getting the Sharepoint portal/IE session to
pass through the users credentials into the NetStorage page so the login
prompt does not appear ?

I don't want to use an application ie secureclient to do this, it needs to
be part of the initial Sharepoint login using AD credentials. BTW we sync
our eDirectory and AD via nSure (dirxml).

Can we run NetStorage in IIS ? this may be easier for our web guys to
integrate as they have plenty of IIS experience but no Apache/Tomcat
experience ?

Any one done something like this or can anyone point me in the direction of
someone who can help ??