Hello, netstorage newbie here ;>)

I am currently trying to get Netstorage working at our school. I get the
following error when I login as a user in one of the two O's and try to
drill into any of the drive letters.

NetStorage encountered an error while trying to access this location.
Severity: Error
Facility: XFILE
Message: Unsuccessful
Code: 0xC7B90001

If I login to the other "O" it's fine. I see all of the mappings and can
pretty much get around (other quirky issues but that can wait). Coincidently
the Netstorage box is in the "O" that works.

This is what we first saw after initially configuring it but some how we got
it working (I threw too many changes at it at one time to really know what I
did to fixed it). So we had this working but after doing the latest patches
on the Linux OES box or changing around partitions it has now reverted back
to the initial problem and anything I throw at it configuration wise doesn't

Any help would be much appreciated.