I have installed a second iFolder server and am trying to follow the
instructions in the documentation for configuring iFolder on additional
servers. I managed to add my iFolder server to the iFolder system OK. I
get lost when adding the LDAP settings. I click on User LDAPs / Add.
There are a number of fields that need to be filled in.

User LDAP name:
Is this supposed to be the name of the new iFolder server, or is this
one of the master/replica servers with eDir, or is this just a dummy
name that determines the search order?

Host DNS or IP:
I assume this is the actual hostname associated with the server in the
above step.

Port: 389 or 636.
I assume I want 636. Why would I want 389?

Root certificate to import:
What is this and how do I do it?

Thanks in advance for your help.