If a user saves their password within iFolder and an administrator force
changes the local windows password, iFolder will no longer function. The
errors are unrecoverable, including uninstalling and reinstalling ifolder.
Creating a new local windows profile is the only way I have found so far to
fix the errors.

Login as a user, save your password within iFolder. Login to the
workstation as administrator, reset the user's password. Login as the user
to get "The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request." and "The
request failed with HTTP status 503: The server is not ready.." Server side
logs do not show any indication of a login attempt.

Uninstalling and reinstalling iFolder after this problem occurs will cause
iFolder and explorer to crash on startup. Removing the simias files in the
local settings folder will have the same effect.

The way ZenWorks DLU policy manages local user accounts, this will happen
Every Time a user changes their password. Unless the user changes their
password via ctrl alt delete on that particualar machine. Changing their
password through any other means such as a portal will cause iFolder to

Create a new local user profile.

Tested with:
Server Side
- OES Linux latest patches
- iFolder version 3.1.5230.1

Client Side problem verified with:
- 3.1.5230.1
- 3.1.5250.1