If this is not the right forum, please redirect me. I have an iFolder
server I am unable to add a user ldap on so I got TID10075010 to test
ldap authentication. The anonymous authentication works fine, but when I
try the non-secure (389) authenticated test, it fails with the message
"Failed to connect to ldap://(ipadrs):389". If I go on to test anonymous
and authenticated secure access, they both work. Can anyone tell me
what's going on and whether this implies something needs fixing?

The reason I'm doing this is that when I go to add a user ldap for the
new iFolder server (ver 2.03.01 on a Netware kernel), it fails with the
error messange "Unable to authenticate to new LDAP directory". How do I
get past this?

Final question, what is the latest current iFolder version for the
Netware kernel?