I'm hoping someone can help me.

My users have only one concurrent logon each - They need to be able to
easily transfer data to and from their standalone laptops to their user
areas on our Netware 6.5 server.

I've tried ifolder - That's fantastic at transferring the data onto the
server - But then there is no easy way of accessing the data from a Novell

I've tried netdrive to access our Netstorage - That's simple to use, but it
ignores our volume space restrictions, and doesn't disconnect properly, so
the user cannot login (Says they are logged into too many stations.

We're now using Netstorage - This is time consuming to use for transferring
lots of files, and many users close their browsers without pressing the
logout button, which locks them out of their accounts.

Is there a solution? ifolder is the most promising application, but due to
the way it stores the data on the server, becomes pretty useless.