I recently upgraded my server to NetWare 6.5 OES for evaluation. I am
running ifolder 2.1., NetStorage, BorderManager and remote admin. In order
to be able to use standard ports 80 and 443 I installed ifolder on a
secondary ipaddress. When the server starts ifolder starts with varying
results. Sometimes, I can see on the apache console that the accounts are
checked. Other times not. In both cases there are no error messages
displayed but the server is also unreachable. Using the ifolder client a
'connection broken, error message is constant. Access via the web results
in 'connection refused' Same result when attempting ifolder administration.
Remote admin, NetStorage and WebAccess all function perfectly. In IP
address management Apache only appears to be bound to the primary ip
address using ports 80 and 443. DNS has bound itself to both. I can ping
the secondary address from outside the network and the dns name
ifolder.myserver.com resolves to the secondary address. Any advice much