We are considering using iFolder 3.1 on OES Linux to solve some
collaboration issues brought up by our Central Office Administration. The
system on an overview seems to fit our needs well and on an initial test
works OK on laptops - BUT

All our PC and Mac workstations have their home directories and r/w access
redirected to a server. If users set up an iFolder, it will most likely be
on a network server drive (we use drive H for PCs). The iFolder client
documentation says that the iFolder needs to be on a physical local hard
drive. This is a show stopper for us... Teachers who roam about the
building have all their documents on the H drive and only can write local
cache information in their local C drive profile which is deleted on log
out.. and NTFS permissions do not any write access to any other part of the
C drive.. in fact it is hidden from view entirely by policy.

Can we use iFolder using a network home directory location? If not, can I
lobby VERY hard to get this function to work?

---Dave Arre
Supervisor of Technology Operations
Bethel, CT Public Schools