I'm just getting started with iFolder. NW6.5 and iFOlder 2.x. I have a
couple of users working in their workstations fine. Now I wanted to try
the web interface. From what I have read i goto www.server/iFolder.
THe same place I initially went to install the client from, only this
time I click LOGIN. It sounds like I should get a box and enter my
login name, userid, and passphrase. What I get is a login box that only
has 2 fields for the userid and pasword. The userid has to be the fully
qualified name. When I login i Get all my drive mappings. It must have
done the login script. There is an iFolder folder, when I open it I
am asked to enter a passphrase for iFolder. It does this every time,
and I never get access to my iFolder files. Any ideas?