My iFolder application directory, and my iFolder data directory are on a
second partition. I currently have 2.5 GB of data in my iFolder.

I need to wipe out my second partition and recreate it. I've backed up my
entre partition to another drive. After I recreate the partition, I will
restore everything from the backup into the new, clean parition.

Since iFolder tracks file changes at the block level, what happens when I
do this restore? I did something similar to this earlier (had to replace
a HD), and iFolder started deleting everything from my iFolder! I'd
rather not re-install the iFolder client fresh and have to have it sync
all 2.5GB of data back down to my client. Is there a way to restore all
my data, and just have iFolder "re-index" the contents without deleting

What happens if I restore my iFolder data directory, but wipe out my
iFolder application directory containing the "index" files, *.DIR, *.MAP,