Murphy strikes again! I've been installing users on a new iFolder server
with great success. I just tried to install the head of this institution
and it failed. Here is the story.

The iFolder server is Netware OES with iFolder 2.1.6. The client is
WinXP sp2 with the 2.1.6 client. This account is able to log in to
Novell just fine. When the iFolder client starts after installation, we
can enter the password to authenticate OK, but when we enter the
passphrase, we get Authentication failed (-23). Now there is no iFolder
data on the server yet that I need to worry about. How do I resolve this
problem? One additional piece of info that may be the key. There used to
be another iFolder account for a user with the same name. That account
is no longer active and the data for it was deleted. Could there be
something else left over by way of passphrase information that is
causing this problem?