We migrated from nw51sp4 to nw65sp2 and installide ifolder 213 and
Netstorage after the upgrade.When checking our edir schema with dsbrowse
we cannot the see the xtier class and its attributes and probably due to
this when accessing iFolder via NS we get an error msg,Nestorage unable to
set passphrase.

On another test server when we did a fresh basic install of netware 6.5sp2
even before installing we saw tha the Xtier class was created in schema
eveb before iFolder/ns install.We deleted this class and its attributes
with C1,installed NS/Ifolder (nw65sp4a) and still the xtier class is not
recreated in the schema and we get the above error message.

Is there any way of creating the Xtier class ?When is this class exactly
One of the issues that nw65sp4 says that it will fix is Netstorage
install unable to extend schema ,issue no 77212.


Anyone who has the details of this and who has solved this problem.