I have successfully changed the iFolder volumes on a NetWare 6.5 sp4a
server from SYS to a differnt volume.

I followed the instructions as per Novell TID 10065026, with some

1) the TID has the path to the iFolder Apache configuration file
wrong: SYS:Apache\iFolder\Server\httpd_additions_nw.conf should be
SYS:Apache2\iFolder\Server\httpd_additions_nw.conf .

2) the TID has the name of the iFolder Apache configuration file
wrong: httpd_additions_nw.conf should be http_ifolder_nw.conf.

3) the TID instructs one to edit the iFolderServerRoot SYS:\iFolder
line, but does not mention the iFolderUserRoot SYS:\iFolder line. I
changed both.

4) I changed both lines to STAFF:\iFolder

5) I copied the data from SYS:\iFolder to STAFF:\iFolder

6) I ran sys:apache2\ifolder\server\stopifolder.ncf to stop the
iFolder service

7) I ran sys:system\startifolder.ncf to start the iFolder service

8) Successfully logged in via the iFolder client and confirmed a
successful sync with the iFolder server.

I want to thank menbers of this fourm for giving me the infomation that
I needed to make the changes.