running ifolder3 on oes sp1. all client with novell client 4.9 sp1, windows
xp sp1. for each client i defined an own special ifolder3 account (like
pc1025) detached from the novell/windows login account. this ifolder
account has to be use for every session running on this workstation. ok it
works. but, using any other novell/windows account on the same workstation
with the ifolder 3 account (pc1025), ifolder will do a new setup, he isn't
able to use the existing settings and sync the defined folder for evey
changed login. there must be a dependency between the first windows account
using for the initial setup for the ifolder folder on the workstation. this
problem exists also with ifolder2, but there you can delete a registry key
that solves the problem. with the ifolder3 client i can't find any registry
settings (.net).

how to...