I've installed iFolder 3.1 along with OES SP1. New server. iFolder works
great but I can't manage it. I chose iFolder 3 & iManager at install time,
and I did NOT choose iFolder 2 at install time. According to the
installation instructions in the Novell iFolder 3.x Administration Guide,
the iFolder module should be available for installation under Available
Modules. It is not. Looking at intalled modules, I have both iFolder and
iFolder 3 modules installed. Again according to the installation guide,
under Roles and Tasks I should see "Novell iFolder 3.x". I do not. I do see
"iFolder Management" which I believe is the old iFolder 2 plugin. I've
unstalled both iFolder and iFolder 3 plugins and reinstalled the iFolder 3
plugin, but nothing changes. Any help is greatly appreciated.