Hope someone can clarify for me what the issue is.

Two ifolder 2.1.6 servers. A number of users all in the same NDS container.Some are initialized on one server some on the other. Internally everything works great. Externally only users on one server are able to connect. The others who cannot continually get the "connection with server broken" error.

At one point I created two user ldaps one on each respective server both pointing at the same context. (because all users are in the same context). This rectified the authentication issue for clients but every so often the two servers would report on their ifolder console that ldap for the other is down, then up, then down, then up........and so on. It also seemed to coincide with another issue I reported previously where a users file that was sync'ing nicely for some time would suddenly be unable to sync and it would hold up all synchronization for the user until you copied the respective file (on the users machine) out of the ifolder directory and then back into it again. In light of the later comment I again deleted the one user ldap and sync is steady and reliable again, but will only work from external connections to the one server. Hope you can follow that....I think I'm confused.... :-P

Anyway, is it not possible to have two user ldaps serving the same context? What about ldap redundancy? My thought is, if ldap buggers up on an ifolder server should ifolder be able to check against another ldap for authentication?

Is this all coincidental and I'm slowly but surely going loco? Do I need a loooooooong vacation? Ok ya I do but hey....

any help is appreciated. Dunke!

Martin Stepanek