I have implemented NetStorage on our network and all appears to be working
fine. The users can successfully access this via a web browser just as
desired. However, there will be several users who are going to be using
NetStorage without Client32 software on any PC, and the only access they
will have to the network is via NetStorage. So, my problem is with
passwords and grace logins.
When we initially set up a user account we set a temporary password for the
user, and then we give them 5 grace logins to change this to a permanent
password. If the user were to login to the network with Client32 a dialog
box appears and warns the user that they have 5 grace logins to change
their password. If they don't change their password then, just as expected,
the account is disabled and the user is locked out.
With NetStorage there does not seem to be any prompt or warning to change
the password, but if you do not change this within the given amount of
grace logins, the account will be disabled.
My question is as follows: Is there any way to implement NetStorage so
that users are prompted to change their passwords, or is this not possible?
Also, any suggestions on getting around this would be appreciated, too. One
thing that would work is to immediately set a permanent password, but we
would rather avoid this as much as possible. Any feedback is appreciated
and thanks for reading this.