I have several (3-4) Netware clients wanting iFolder3

Since I can't see them taking a Linux plung (we have tried)
I have been thinking of setting up an "Appliance"

Does anyone have any ideas for a "Stripped Down" OES Linux with iF3.
Perphaps someone has done something already ?!

I don't need users to use the box for anything other than iFolder
One of the biggest problem with Linux is the amount **** which makes up the
more there is more to go wrong!
I need MINIMUM to run iFolder thats all - any tips with what can be left out

I need about 300Gb strorage - RAID5

Backup has anyone any ideas for Backup for OES Linux
I want a local hard disk copy too - does know if RSync with copy iFolder

Any ideas will be welcome
Perhaps Novell has created a FactSheet / Appnote on something like this??
Up here in the North of England people are a bit set in their ways
they like "Tried and Tested" - Linux isn't !

Netware WAS (no arguments but people don't want to UPGRADE to a product with
NO Future)
Windows IS (might be full of holes but then 90% of business large and small
use it)